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“I didn’t know I’d be starting a company, all I wanted was to make dinner. My kids had dietary restrictions, so opening a box of store bought macaroni and cheese was not an option. I needed to create meals that were nutritious, delicious, unprocessed, and easy to prepare. Mostly, I wanted to make dinners my family would love.

Magnificent, healthful meals in minutes. Is that too much to ask? Back then, it was. So my parents (Frank and Judy) pitched in and we all started experimenting with herbs and spices.  We put some interesting combinations together for pizza, pasta, roast chicken, barbecue, and more. Storing them in recipe-sized bags made prep time incredibly fast. My neighbors wanted some. My friends wanted some. We started bringing our culinary blends to local fairs and then somebody said, “How about selling them at home parties?”.

That’s exactly what we did. We knew that the only way we could help other families do the same was through the relationship of Representatives. Working together with smart, strong, caring individuals has created a community that is truly a movement.

Today, thanks to customers like you, Wildtree can be found in millions of homes across the country. I thank you for supporting our mission and urge you to join our community and help improve other families’ lives as a Wildtree Representative.”

Leslie Montie

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Wildtree partners with New Orleans Habitat for Humanity

Make a difference with Wildtree

Over the past few years, Wildtree has partnered with Habitat for Humanity in New Orleans and Numana, Inc. in Indianapolis. These Volunteer Days are just one way Wildtree gives back.