Chef Tested

  • • Products developed with flavor in mind.
  • • We test the product until it is just right.
  • • We revisit and improve current products.

Dietitian Approved

  • • Products reviewed for nutrient content.
  • • Formulated to fit different dietary needs.
  • • We provide direct assistance with nutrition & allergen related questions.

Responsibly Sourced

  • • We only work with reputable suppliers.
  • • Ingredients meet strict quality standards.

Power of the product

Power of the Product

Why it matters

Our products help make the dinner time rush delicious and nutritious without making it complicated.

We develop our products based on the concept of taking simple ingredients from the grocery store and turning them into easy-to-create meals your entire family will enjoy.

Our products use quality organic ingredients from reputable suppliers without MSG, GMOs, or artificial colors, while maintaining the integrity of classics like tacos and sloppy Joes.

This simplicity and quality make it possible to accommodate food allergies and intolerances, which we make even easier by having fully transparent labels.

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